The second edition of 300 signed and numbered copies

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Self published art book, printed 2017

100 x 150 mm / Hardcover, Leporello binding, Handmade / 28 pages

First Edition of 75 copies, 2015 - Sold Out

"J.B. about men floating in the air" was inspired by the story of two Lithuanian-American pilots who tried to set a new world record by flying over the Atlantic into Eastern Europe in the early 1930s. I found a reference to the attempt in a Joseph Brodsky poem and decided to create my own ‘parallel world’ in black-and-white images.

My story is about the dream of every person to break out from the vice of all kinds of prohibitions and fly away to a distant unknown in search of unlimited freedom and find there his true motherland and real home.

Also it is a story about a personal attempt doomed to fail to find a way to himself through time and space, breaking the invisible boundary between himself and his mirror twin, the mortal Castor and immortal Pollux.

At first I made a series of mockumentary photographs to get the effect of stopped time, but then decided that it was necessary to increase a gap between the documentary and imaginary world, therefore I added a few collages and drawings.

In the result the book was made in Leporello format, which allows the viewers to choose how to browse the images and find their own ending in this story.

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Tate Library Collection, the bibliographic collection of The Municipal Archives of Lisbon

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The exhibition New Spread in the PHOTOBOOKFEST in Moscow, 2017; The Second Triennial INFOCUS Exhibition of Photo Books Exhibition, 2016 - 2017; ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM International Photography Festival, the Discovery Award Exhibition 2016; "Between the lines" curated by archipelago, London, 2016; “Ouvrage”, Milan, 2016; 'Irren ist menschlich' curated by Kaetha, Berlin, 2016;

Lithuanian nocturne”, “Arka” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015-2016

Project Organizers: Moscow publishing house “Iskusstvo” and gallery “Arka”


J.B. about men floating in the air

© Julia Borissova